Bono waves, surfing on the River Will Be Riau’s Icon

Bono waves in Riau is phenomenal. If it is usually high waves in the sea, that the waves of the river. High as 6 meters! Not surprisingly, Kemenparekraf wants to make it as an icon of Riau Province.

“To be able to be strong destinations, Riau need icons. God gave Bono, is that we will develop,” said Director of Development Special Interest Tourism, Conventions, Incentives and Events, Tourism Destination Development Directorate, Kemenparekraf, Achyaruddin meeting at a press conference at End of Year Director General of Tourism Destination Development in Demat Restaurant, Jalan MH Thamrin, Sarinah, Jakarta,
“Bono is in the Kampar River is the best because it is more beautiful than they are in Brazil and China, the high only reaching 6 meters,” explains Achyar.

The surfers, continued Achyar, can surf up to 1.5-2 hours. You also should try to conquer the waves. “We made ​​the masterplan. We want to make Bono to be an agent for people to come to the County,” added Achyar. Continue reading “Bono waves, surfing on the River Will Be Riau’s Icon”

Flying Fish ears pricked, Australia Tourist Almost Deaf

It’s a rare occurrence, but fatal. A tourist who was swimming in Port Douglas, Australia, ears pricked sharp snout fish garfish. He was almost deaf due to this incident.

Julie Fison (46) from Brisbane, was swimming in the ocean depth of 1 meter in Port Douglas, Australia. A small fish jumps and sharp snout as 2.5 cm long needle stuck into the eardrum. Ouch!

Fison was rushed to hospital and underwent surgery at Cairns Base Hospital. Doctors take a break snout fish like thistle. Fison paralyzed face. He can not wink and smile for a month after the incident.

“I was shocked, my head hit hard. I fell down and bleeding from the ears,” Fison said.
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5 Most Comfortable Clothes for Traveling

When traveling, some preparation is very important to do, including preparing an outfit that will be used. This is the fifth and most comfortable clothes you should bring before a walk.
nilah 5 clothing suitable for use when traveling, especially those of you who spend a lot of time on the road:

1. Jacket with lots of pockets

Cameras, sunglasses, car keys, cell phone, until the note is a common thing when the roads taken. However, problems arise when the traveler feel bothered when to bring a big bag to carry it all. For that, you can wear a jacket with lots of pockets. Select just a few items that are very important, then store in your jacket pocket.

2. Pashmina
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Moving to Melbourne City

Melbourne is the capital of Victoria, is one of the states of Australia. The city is large and varied cultural influences. In August 2011 and 2012 and, Melbourne has been named most livable city in the world. The Economist Intelligence Unit Group published the title. In 2006, RMIT University, Melbourne Global Cities Index received a place in the Top Ten university cities worldwide. Melbourne price series was in 2007, when 2thinknow Global Innovation Agency Melbourne placed in the top 20 Global Innovation Cities expanded. Continue reading “Moving to Melbourne City”

Allegedly Related Issues Fedofilia, Lonely Planet Forum Closed!

Lonely Planet’s top traveling site has a discussion forum for the traveler. However, a discussion forum was closed, allegedly related chatter about fedofilia. But Lonely Planet denied.

BBC English as the owner of the Lonely Planet group denied competitors Fairfax Media mentions closing the forum for members to discuss the fedofilia. As is known, Lonely Planet has named Thorn Tree forum where the traveler to share stories, tips and experiences traveling.

On Saturday, December 22, 2012 and then, this forum is closed and replaced writings that mention No action is less worthy. “We felt it necessary to temporarily close the Thorn Tree of because we noticed there were a number of posts that do not fit the standard Lonely Planet.” such announcement.
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The unique architecture and building regulations of Paros, Gem of the Cyclades, Greece

The best way to discover and admire the architecture of the island of Paros is going through its narrow streets, let them choose the desired direction, exploring the shapes, shadows and colors of the beautiful small villages . We invite you to a virtual tour now, and we hope that soon you will feel obliged to visit our beautiful island!
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What to Look For Before You Drink Herbal Medicine

Eating herbs often be an option because it is considered more natural and no side effects. But it later emerged allegations herbal kidney health hazard. Really dangerous herbs for kidney health if consumed too much?

dr. Dante Saksono, SpPD, PhD, from Cipto Mangunkusumo admitted that people who have kidney talent should be more careful eating herbs.

So if we want to take medical need that has been thoroughly tested clinically. Drinking herbal medicine can be dangerous if not accompanied by drinking lots of water. White water helps the kidneys filtered liquid is not too thick so it does not interfere with the kidneys.

According to Dr. Dante, taking any medicine without knowing its composition can be harmful to health. This is because the constituent materials can not be identified with certainty. So it is uncertain whether the material contained therein is safe for the kidneys. Continue reading “What to Look For Before You Drink Herbal Medicine”

What a dream home

The houses are unique, although for many of us, it is the largest investment we make, we can also buy several during life. Sometimes, we exceeded our house and sometimes we exceed our homes. Defining a dream home is a personal thing, but what makes a house a dream home, there are certain universal considerations.
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