Calculation of Weight Loss With Standard Brocca

Brocca make the definition ideal weight by the formula:

(Height – 100) – 10% (Height – 100)

Brocca measurement method is already well known among the common people as the most easy to understand and use. So many are assuming that if the weight is just above provisions Brocca then someone already feel fat. Brocca actually more appropriate calculation applied to adolescents and young adults. If applied to those older people are often less appropriate, because in addition to height and weight there are many other factors that must be considered.

Factors that are not taken into account in the standard include skeletal Brocca different in each person; composition of muscle, fat, and water are different. In fact, this difference was evident from the difference between the sexes. Example: women tend to have a higher fat composition than men. In contrast, men have more muscle composition.

In addition, a person’s physical activity will also affect body composition. Someone who has a habit of regular exercise will have more muscle composition compared to someone who does not exercise. Age is also a factor to consider. With the increasing age of the person, physical activity will decrease and basal metabolism decreases.