Nikon D5200: DSLR With Middle Class Wi-Fi Connection

Nikon looks quite prolific releasing a new line of cameras. If the previous Nikon presents the latest generation of cameras CSC hers, now Nikon is back with the latest DSLR for the middle class, the Nikon D5200.

Nikon D5200 comes with a body design that still looks like the generation it replaces, Nikon D5100. Flexible LCD screen that can be rotated and folded 3-inch densities 921.000 images of the same point with the Nikon D5100 still be found here. Although they look similar, specification Nikon D5200 has a significant increase of the Nikon D5100. Part comes with a sensor resolution of 24.1 megapixel CMOS sensor and is supported by Nikon’s EXPEED 3 processor support. Is clearly superior to the specifications of the Nikon D5100 which only comes with a 16.1 megapixel CMOS sensor and Nikon EXPEED 2 processor.

With Nikon’s EXPEED 3 processor support is more qualified to make the Nikon D5200 can be used to photograph the Continuos with speed 5fps. Recording video is also better with video capture at resolutions up to Full HD 1080p 60fps with sound record results clearer thanks to the stereo mic embedded in the body.
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Best Digital Camera 2012

Digital imaging products always attract attention. Not surprising considering capture is a thing that everybody needs. With increasingly sophisticated and the number of models of digital cameras on the market, of course, is a challenge for consumers to choose a quality product and to meet their needs. We present some of the products present in 2012 and triumphed in their respective class.

1.Best Prosumer Camera: Sony Cybershot RX100
The images are excellent and functioning style DSLR comes in size very easy to dikantungi. Of course, cool design and specification lenses above average also endear amateur photographers. The price is also quite reasonable considering the performance it offers is still on top of the other prosumer cameras.

2. Best Budget Camera: Panasonic Lumix S3
Mini shape and the images are better than the other competitors in its class is the advantage of cheap compact cameras from Panasonic.
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This Is 5 Tips to Save Money Accommodation

In addition to the cost of food and transportation, spending most when traveling is the accommodation alias inn. In fact, there are many ways you can do to save on the cost of stay. here’s 5 tips for saving expenses of stay:

1. Sleeping in the homes of relatives

The first way is most easily done to save the cost of accommodation is sleeping in the homes of relatives. This can be done if there are relatives or friends who happen to live in the areas visited.

By staying, would you save the cost of sleeping in hotels that can reach hundreds of thousands. But remember, keep the attitude during the stay to honor the homeowners.

2. Overnight at airport
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[Photography Tips] Understanding Aspect Ratio and Composition Theory

For the layman, the aspect ratio settings on digital cameras like not too concerned. One of the reasons, a lack of understanding about it. So what is aspect ratio? Aspect ratio is the ratio of the width and height of an image.

Currently there are 6 aspect ratio is known in the world of photography include:
1. 1:1:
Rectangular aspect ratio has a width and height comparable to the count. Current aspect ratio is again used by many photo applications on the smartphone device after Instagram popularized it. But before popular by Instagram, 1:1 aspect ratio is the standard size of a Hasselblad camera has a size of 6x6cm.

2. 5:4:
5:4 aspect ratio commonly used in cameras and large format cameras that use film-shaped sheet. Most of the size of the resulting image has a size of 8 × 10 inches.

3. 4:3:
Media TV broadcasting and video generally use the aspect ratio to the size or resolution of 640 × 480 pixels. Small sensor camera and a pocket camera that carries the CCD sensor systems generally use this aspect ratio. Not only that, the camera sensor size four third or 4/3 and micro four cameras Third (MFT) is also the most widely used format. In medium format camera, 4:3 aspect ratio is also known as the medium format camera “645” refers to the actual size of the image dimensions 6 × 4.5cm.
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Want to Cozy Up Aircraft? This 8 Tips

Traveling by plane so the traveler favorite option. However, often a plane trip can be boring and exhausting. Here it is 8 tips that you’re comfortable in the plane.

Air pressure, the sound of noisy kids running around in the alley, and the cold air in the cabin of the aircraft often make uneasy traveler. The ride was supposed to be used for the rest becomes disturbed. Instead of fresh, your body may become more tender.

Well, not until you experience it. The following 8 tips comfortable plane ride:

1. Search for night flight

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Sony Alpha DSLT-A58: Sony With First DSLT TRILUMINOS Auto Color and Object Framing

At CES 2013, Sony is still shut latest camera range DSLT prepared for this in 2013. And the Japanese manufacturer has now started to give a surprise to the fans of photography with the release of the Sony Alpha DSLT-A58.

Sony Alpha A58 DSLT-this is enough to make us shocked. Because the Sony Alpha A58 DSLT-prepared as a replacement for the two cameras simultaneously DSLT DSLT the Sony Alpha A37 and Sony Alpha-DSLT-A57, with the aim of simplifying the range of beginner and intermediate grade cameras from Sony.

Sony Alpha DSLT-A58 have similar features with the Sony Alpha DSLT-A57. However, some new features can also be found on this camera. For the sensor, the Sony Alpha DSLT-A58 comes with Exmor APS HD CMOS sensor 20.1 megapixel resolution in collaboration with BIOZ latest processors.
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6 Ways to Spend the Most Fun Night in Jakarta

This weekend this time a long holiday to look forward to. For the traveler who does not get a vacation out of town, can freely enjoy the beauty of Jakarta, particularly at night. This is the fun way to spend 6 nights in Jakarta.

For four days starting next Thursday, while Jakarta will break from the traffic and hustle bustle. At night, there will be no line workers in the Trans Jakarta bus stops, traffic jams on the streets of the protocol, and others.

However, not all residents of Jakarta can be on vacation out of town or country. Well, for those of you who can not be on vacation can use this time to travel around and enjoy the beauty of the city of Jakarta at night. Jakarta will look more beautiful. Here are 6 fun ways to spend a night in Jakarta

1. Riding a bike in the heart of the capital

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Nikon D7100: DSLR Middle Class With Many Features

Many improvements and new innovations are present in DSLR cameras each year. And this time Nikon tried to overtake its competitors by introducing a new middle-class DSLR cameras, Nikon D7100, which is prepared with tough magnesium alloy body.

Many new innovations that can be found in DSLR cameras censor APS-C CMOS 24 megapixel. The most innovative is the elimination of optical low-pass filters that are commonly present in front of the sensor. This is done because of Nikon sure without the filter, this new sensor can produce shots are sharp, detailed and richer colors for a video or photos.

To boost performance, the Nikon D7100 Nikon EXPEED processor count 3 which promises a wider range of dynamic range, ISO support up to 6400 (can be expanded up to ISO 25.600) and can be used to record video at a resolution of Full HD. In addition, to help you take a snapshot, present OLED optical viewfinder and LCD screen measuring 3.2-inches with a pixel density 1.2288 million points.
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Review: HTC Evo 3D

3D era is now starting socialize. The manufacturer of electronics, from televisions to cell phones, enliven the market with their 3D products. Various methods are being developed to attract potential customers, one of them by freeing lovers of 3D content glasses.

HTC Evo 3D through a series being one of the few 3D phones can be found on the market today. Taiwanese mobile phone vendors such as premium smart in the market that wants not only as a connoisseur (viewer), but also the creator (creator) 3D content, both photos and videos. The price of a camcorder or camcorder technology is still very expensive, so I think it’s HTC move right to fill these opportunities.

HTC still maintaining the typical pattern premium phones, so you are already familiar with the previous HTC will be able to easily identify the brand of smartphone owners even if only to see at a glance. Shown with touch screen dominates in sectional front, Evo 3D also comes with 4 touch sensitive buttons below the screen round the buttons Home, Menu, Back and Search. The fourth button will give the effect of a small vibration when touched.
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Review: Nokia 500

Symbian in Indonesia used to feel the golden age of the number of users of Nokia smartphones at the time. Despite his position in the standings now overtaken with another OS, Nokia tried to get up to the audience by introducing new variants of Symbian – which one of them is Anna.

Of course, Anna takes the product affordable so that more and more people who knew him. Well, one of which is the Nokia 500 is championed. The various features tempting to try to offer the consumer. Before you decide to purchase, please refer to the following review.

Nokia 500 takes the concept of pure bullion with a slightly elongated design. When used to typing with two hands, holding a better taste in landscape rather than portrait condition. In contrast, feels very solid when used only one hand. Moreover, the dominance of plastic material made relatively light weight.
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