Review: Sony Ericsson XPERIA Active

Sony Ericsson seems to try to find another gap in the Android smartphone market products. Through XPERIA Active, automatic segment directed to those who are young, active, but still pay attention. Moreover Active priced with Live View, a touchscreen wristwatch that also as notifikator different events on your phone. Is this an outdoor smartphone that you have been looking for this?

By design, Active nothing like an outdoor phone. The design is quite unique, with the connection holes are “stand alone” at the bottom of the body, which also serves as an opening rear outer casing. At the bottom there is a rear body cover that serves to prevent the entry of water into the engine, so overall Active has 3 parts which can be easily separated.

Unlike most other mobile phones, Active putting a 3.5mm jack and a microUSB port on the bottom, complete with a lid that must be used when you want to invite Active activity in the water. While the power button itself is on the left, and the volume buttons on the right side. Not to forget the 3 pieces touch sensitive buttons below the screen to access functions Back, Home and Menu.
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Up Close with NVIDIA Tegra 3

In 2012, soon arrived, and one thing that is certain is that more smartphones and tablets with more powerful performance and amazing. One of the technologies that make this possible is the Tegra 3 chipset from NVidia.

Nvidia Tegra 3 is functionally has brought quad-core processor, but includes a “companion” core five. All of these are core Cortex-A9, a name familiar to you of course, but the core is produced by the companion special low power silicon. This means that the system will use less energy at low clock rates, and higher at higher clock, and therefore the speed is limited to 500 MHz only.

In addition there is a special logic which allows transfers between cores companion to one of the major core quickly, in order for the smartphone or tablet can kill all the main core so that it runs only on the companion core. It would make more efficient use of resources, including time in a standby mode. According to NVIDIA, power savings also occur when playing music or even play video content.
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Hands On: Lenovo A60

Recently launched, we had the opportunity to interact directly with Lenovo A60,  How is our first impression of the design and the interface is adopted?

Embraced the concept of a standard candybar or bars, display A60 can be said quite minimalist and elegant. With 3 physical buttons on the front section, side by side with the volume button camera button on the right side of a 3.5mm jack, USB port and the power button on the top, A60 also gives the logo “Wo” on the left hand side of the screen. It was unclear what the logo meant to resemble the symbol “Walkman” have Sony cs. this. At the rear main camera embedded accompanied by speaker, and is also equipped with a front camera.

Without glancing at the specs, A60 weighs almost the same as the BlackBerry Torch when I’m rocking with both hands. Although dominated by plastic materials, the structure of A60 still feels sturdy and solid. Unfortunately, the physical buttons feel hard when pressed, no bouncy effect which makes it convenient fingers accessing it.

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LG Prada 3.0: Thin Android Smartphone for Fashion Lovers

The good news for you smartphone users are not only advance technologies, but also fashion. One South Korean vendors, LG, PRADA holding back in production Android smartphone, this time having just 8.5mm thinness, and run on OS Gingerbread.

LG intentionally minimize the use of physical buttons so users are encouraged to maximize the touch screen 4.3 inch NOVA display a resolution of 800 × 400 pixels. Smartphone 8GB internal memory capacity is strengthened by a dual core 1GHz processor, with an 8MP camera that is able to record Full HD 1080p video.
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Samsung GALAXY Ace Plus: Gingerbread 1GHz Wide Screen More

Is planning to buy a new BlackBerry? If so, make sure you buy the BlackBerry official warranty TAM! Because if you’re lucky, you can walk free around the world with the goal of America, Europe, Australia, South Africa and China, plus pocket money! Prizes will be awarded to two lucky people to each country. In addition to traveling the world, tours are available 20 vouchers and 70 vouchers MAP.

How? First, you have to buy a new type of warranty BlackBerry TAM has promo sticker “around the world with TAM”, other than the sticker itself TAM as an example in the picture below. In it, there is a coupon voucher containing the registration number to be registered with the site TAM Around the World. But be careful, because damaged coupons rub considered invalid.
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5 Tips to Overcome ‘Jet Lag’ After Long Break

Due to the long holiday, many people are feeling the effects on the body are similar to jet lag. This is because the current activity holidays tend to be free. To overcome jet lag, try to follow these 5 tips.

During the long holiday, many people indulge. They could have a long sleep during the day and stay up all night. However, when it should be confronted with the routine work after a long holiday, the body will feel weak. They had to struggle to get up early and start the activity as usual.

There are a few tips to ‘jet lag’ as this does not seem to you. This he tips so you do not feel the jet lag after a long holiday:

1. Get plenty of rest before starting weekdays
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Modai: Smartphone Concept A More “Humane”

Today we call the “smartphone” is considered really smart. However, a designer based in New York, Julius Tarng, thinking that the smartphone can still “look smarter”. He envisioned a mobile device that is more “humane”, and came up with a concept called Modai. This smartphone will learn from your behavior and can adapt to different environments.

Like what? Modai can provide information based on your location better than it already is today. For example, he’ll know when you’re working or having fun, and modify your phone’s home screen with content that is appropriate to present the most relevant information at the time.

In addition, Tarng also viewed Modai can provide contextual clues based on the location: if you’re at the bus stop or out to lunch, the phone can help by displaying a bus schedule or a lunch special menu while you wait.

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8 Ways Maximum Main Theme Park

Amusement park is one of the favorite places to vacation with the family, especially on weekends. 8 Tips, guaranteed to make a vacation in the amusement park so maximum.

In addition to natural attractions and shopping destinations, theme parks is one of the most popular attractions. Besides the proximity to major cities, amusement parks also have many exciting rides. But unfortunately, there are some things that can make your holiday with family at the amusement park was less than the maximum, such as rain or crowds of visitors who come to make atrean in each vehicle.

To work around this, there are some tips that need your attention. he’s 8 tips for maximum play in the amusement park:

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Huawei Ascend P1/P1S: Thinnest Smartphone & Fastest in the World

Utilizing the event the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2012 being held in Las Vegas, U.S., Huawei introduced Ascend P1 S series which is claimed as the world’s thinnest smartphone with a thickness of only 6.68mm.

Not only relying on thinness, P1 S also carries a variety of technologies ranging from the adoption of qualified touch screen Super AMOLED type 960 × 540 resolution 4.3-inch size up to a layer of glass Corning Gorilla Glass. Mike Liu, President of Huawei Device South Pacific, gave a speech on a smartphone that uses dual-core 1.5GHz TI OMAP 4460 Cortext-A9 and the latest Android operating system, Ice Cream Sandwich.

We are pleased to introduce the world’s thinnest smartphone in CES 2012. Huawei Ascend P1 S demonstrates our commitment to constantly innovate producing the high-quality devices by utilizing the latest hardware and software technologies. ”

In addition, Huawei also launched Ascend P1 series are still in the ranks and functions the same as the Ascend P1 S, but with a thickness of 7.69mm. PPVD back layer in both series can distribute heat evenly and give a sturdy metal and three-dimensional design with a delicate texture. Huawei Ascend P1/P1 S is available in various colors, such as metallic black, white, pink and many other colors that will be launched late

5 Secrets of Holiday Fun in Semarang

From the century-old building to its culinary, Semarang have many surprises for you. Before that, my first 5 secrets fun holiday in Semarang, let your journey more comfortable and memorable.

Semarang can be the destination for your next vacation. Miscellaneous transportation is also available for getting there. Sewu Lawang, Simpang Lima, the Old City, and many other exciting destinations in Semarang.

The following 5 tips for holiday fun in Semarang:

1. Plan your itinerary with the right

Semarang has many interesting destinations, such as Lawang Sewu, Simpang Lima, the Old Town, Pagoda Sam Poo Kong, and many more. Therefore, plan your trip itinerary or schedule appropriately.

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