7 City It’s Got a New Year’s Party in the World

The year 2012 coming to an end, and now it’s time welcoming 2013. Some Travelers also planned to go abroad at the end of the year. 7 It could be an option for having the world’s best year-end party.

Less than one week, we will arrive at the end of 2012. The whole world began to prepare for a New Year’s party of 2013. Many travelers who are already determined destination for a long holiday through the end of the year. Want to vacation abroad, but do not know which country you want addressed? Here are 7 cities with New Year celebrations in the world version of the Travel Channel, Wednesday (12/26/2012):

1. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Copacabana Beach, the sprawling southern city of Rio de Janeiro. Every New Year’s Eve, the beach has always been a host to do dinner and all-night parties known as Reveillon. This is the largest and wildest celebrations in the world at New Year. All who came to this party, free dance till tomorrow.

More than 2 million people mingled Brazil tourists, gathered at this beach. Those who come to use the white dress. Blending African rituals and local culture, Brazil considers New Year’s party to pay homage to the goddess of the sea, Iemanja. The locals will throw white flowers into the sea and lying on the beach in honor of the goddess of the sea.

Do not use black outfit as Brazil considers it as a bad color! Besides white, visitors can use a red dress that symbolizes love, green for good health, yellow, and gold for prosperity. When partying you can drink beer, enjoy free concerts and fireworks ready coloring your New Year’s Eve in Brazil.

2. Orlando, USA

Disney World theme parks in Orlando, Florida, United States offers an opportunity to celebrate the New Year’s party. Journey to the Magic Kingdom, bringing visitors to have fun with cute mouse, Mickey Mouse and his friends in the Jingle Jungle Parade Mickey.

After that, tourists can visit the park Epcot. Where will be held the light and laser show. Event Illuminations: Reflections of Earth serves fountain jets and fire dancing before midnight.

Meanwhile, Disney’s Hollywood Studios offers a different winter. In the Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights, New York Street designed specifically. The music started playing, fake snow began to fall and thousands of lights adorn throughout this destination.

Do not forget to Bourbon Street, New Orleans! On the main street in Pleasure Island is featuring live music, dancing, and plenty of food there. Travelers can also see the appearance of the band and DJ were echoed in every nightclubs. Only those who are 21 years old and had to buy tickets in advance can get into this area.

3. London, England

Nightlife in London throughout the year is a paradise for lovers of the party. Not much different New Year’s Eve. Activities centered around the River Thames. At that time, the attention shifts to the London Eye, a giant windmill that attract thousands of visitors.

Since 2005, when the midnight fireworks display launched from the London Eye. Tourists from around the world gathered at the Tower, Westminster, London Bridge and Blackfriars Bridge to witness the celebration of the New Year is the most festive.

If you can not place, you can watch the changing of the year of the big screens located in Trafalgar Square and Parliament Square. During the afternoon, you can join the parade of the year. Parade departs from Westminster, through the center of the capital and ended up in Green Park.

4. Sydney, Australia

In a New Year’s party in Sydney, Australia featuring splendor tebesar fireworks in the world. In recent years, Sydney has spent more than U.S. $ 4 million (USD 3.9 billion) for the fireworks in the evening.

Cool again, fireworks launched from the Sydney Harbour Bridge and involved six barges around the bridge. A total of 30,000 firework effects that continued to burn for 12 minutes. The light from these vessels can be seen from the bay.

Throughout the day, a traveler will not be disappointed with all the events held in Sydney. Every single hour, cannon fired from Fort Denison and there is a game of light. After the appearance of the fireworks, the night will be illuminated with the light of the Harbour of Light Parade.

Not satisfied, you can also visit Bondi Beach to attend the dance. In addition, the Taronga Zoo is also offering a New Year’s Eve party.

5. New York, United States

Hubbub of New Year atmosphere in Times Square, New York has been going since 1904. At that coincide in order to celebrate the opening of the headquarters of the New York Times. Until now, each of December 31, hundreds of thousands of people came to have a party in New york City.

Since morning, the tourists had gathered. Traders food and drinks are not allowed in, so you must bring required items. However, restaurants in the area remained open.

When mathari set, a giant glowing ball and known as New Year’s Eve Ball is pulled up the pole One Times Square with a height of about 23.5 meters. Furthermore, the ball is passed exactly 60 seconds before the turn of the year.

Right at that time, fireworks lit up the sky and surrounding Manhattan. In addition, the traveler also presented with musical performances.

6. Edinburgh, Scotland

Thousands of people and a number of traveler merry, drunk, and crowded downtown streets of Edinburgh to celebrate Hogmanay. Hogmanay possess meaning the last day of the year. This celebration is famous for its live music throughout downtown, traditional dance and light up the atmosphere in Princes Street Gardens.

As for walking in Princes Street, traveler must purchase admission shaped bracelet for $ 10 (USD 97 200). Visitors can walk to Carlton Hill, Edinburgh city center.

The party continued to be held all night long. You can run and join the One O’clock Run down the Royal Mile. He cried again, you can dive in the River Forth at the end of the parade Loony Dook or the competition cart sled pulled by dogs.

7. Paris, France

When the New Year arrives, Paris can do for a full month of celebration. All the people living in the city will conduct a celebration mode replacement calendar, kissing, greet each other with the word ‘Bonne Annee! ” or ‘Happy New Year!’, sending cards and gifts in the mail until February 1.

On New Year’s Eve Travelers can visit the Champs Elysees, where you can see the Eiffel Tower with a cascade of fireworks and light. If you want to see a wider panorama and higher, please go up to Montmartre, which became a popular place to celebrate New Year’s Party.

In addition, you can also browse around Pigalle, the red light district and watch the cabaret at the Moulin Rounge. If you want a quieter night, travelers can book a cruise Bateau Mouche dinner on the Seine River and enjoy a different New Year’s Eve.

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