5 Tips to Keeping Weight Gain When Traveling

Traveling with a culinary tourism are two things that can not be separated. But, after a vacation does not mean you actually become overweight. To be able to keep the weight when traveling, follow these 5 tips.

Sample a variety of culinary specialties you are on vacation is one of the most enjoyable activities of traveling. Sometimes, you feel the weight even be up for forgetting to guard it.

5 tips to keep your weight when traveling:

1. Keep your diet

Keep eating while traveling is one that must be implemented if you want to keep weight. If the day and night you got plans culinary tour, you should not eat a heavy meal at breakfast.

If you are also planning to enjoy the culinary fat and high carbohydrate, you should order a half portion of food alone. In addition to maintaining weight loss, you’ll also be able to try other foods in this way, because it has not the stomach feel full. Continue reading “5 Tips to Keeping Weight Gain When Traveling”

Banish Odour Tuberose In Bathroom

Unpleasant aroma is one of the most unpleasant things in everyday life. This problem is also sometimes present in the house, and some people find it difficult to remove the smell from the bathroom.

There are probably already using air fresheners and aromatherapy candles put every other day in order to keep it fresh bathroom. However, bad smell still bothering due to the gathering of germs and bacteria. There are several steps that you should do on a regular basis, as quoted Boldsky, to expel smell from the bathroom.

Clean junk
If you put a small trash can in the bathroom to dispose of the empty shampoo bottles or other items that are not used, remove garbage every other day. Trash always give whatever unpleasant aroma, that’s why it should be cleaned regularly.

Open the bathroom window
When not using the bathroom, you should open the windows or vents to eliminate unpleasant scents. Actually, musty smell in the bathroom due to the lack of exchange of air from the outside and the inside. Therefore, let the fresh air into the bathroom in order to remain fresh scent. Continue reading “Banish Odour Tuberose In Bathroom”

Keeping Children from Electrical Hazards

In this world no one house do not require electricity. The energy that this one was already an integral part of the human. Almost all tools support household and personal needs require electricity.

Behind it we also know the dangers of electricity. As adults we may be able to avoid such danger by being careful when they want to come into contact with electricity. But what about the children, especially those who are under 5 years old. Keep them away from electrical appliances as possible during the surveillance, but what if the parents off guard?

Some have a lot of power tools that are designed to protect children from the dangers of electricity, but the following suggestions are collected from various sources.

Never pull the cord

Never pull the cord holding something. Take the head to remove the plug from the wall socket. Do not forget to check every cable. If there are cables torn replace immediately. Continue reading “Keeping Children from Electrical Hazards”

7 City It’s Got a New Year’s Party in the World

The year 2012 coming to an end, and now it’s time welcoming 2013. Some Travelers also planned to go abroad at the end of the year. 7 It could be an option for having the world’s best year-end party.

Less than one week, we will arrive at the end of 2012. The whole world began to prepare for a New Year’s party of 2013. Many travelers who are already determined destination for a long holiday through the end of the year. Want to vacation abroad, but do not know which country you want addressed? Here are 7 cities with New Year celebrations in the world version of the Travel Channel, Wednesday (12/26/2012):

1. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Copacabana Beach, the sprawling southern city of Rio de Janeiro. Every New Year’s Eve, the beach has always been a host to do dinner and all-night parties known as Reveillon. This is the largest and wildest celebrations in the world at New Year. All who came to this party, free dance till tomorrow. Continue reading “7 City It’s Got a New Year’s Party in the World”

8 Kick Frugality During the Holidays

Deal spending is one way of realizing efficient vacation. Avoid the desire to keep all of the budget is not bloated. Here are 8 sniper stance frugality during the holidays.

Bring their own food or go on tours so some tricks cheap run-saving vacation. 8 ways skimp here during the holidays:

1. Expand infomasi about cheap destinations

Want to enjoy a variety of holiday destinations in the city where it does not mean you have to make pocket holes. Some exotic and beautiful destinations can even be enjoyed without having to go into the area of ​​tourism. Expand information about attractions a cheap or even free.

Looking at some references such as books and travel magazines, travel websites, one of which detikTravel and holiday forums. After finding a suitable object to your choice, now just time to think about saving others.

2. Bring lunch from home Continue reading “8 Kick Frugality During the Holidays”

Curtains Beautify Room

Curtains are usually mounted on a window, door, or a link between rooms. One function is as a blocker curtains so that activity in the room does not look or just limiting. Other functions are also able to prevent the entry of sunlight into the room. Scorching sun can interfere with the comfort of occupants in the room can also damage the furniture around it.

To get a certain mood or feel of a room, you can choose the type, pattern and color curtains to match. Some things that may be a consideration when choosing curtains in the house. Here are some important things you should consider when choosing curtains or curtain for your home that will soon be receiving guests in a pure day later:

Function Curtains
Uses or functions expected of curtains can be a consideration in choosing curtains. For example, if only to decorate the room or as a room partition, use curtains vitrase type can be selected. Models are made of beads, shells, or rocks can be a sweetener room. But, of course, such a model can not be closed properly so it does not fit if you want to use curtains to cover the views of people outside.
Continue reading “Curtains Beautify Room”

Flower Spreading Around the Home

In the summer like this, there is a trend that is identical to that season, the floral motif. Floral trend was not only be applied to fashion design, but also the decoration of the room. Florals can deliver the feel of a romantic, fresh, beautiful and sweet in the room. As quoted from Boldsky, check out some of the following easy ways to beautify your home with floral elements.

Wall paper
In addition to applying paint colors, you can maximize wall using wall paper. Coat the wall with wall paper is the most practical way to bring the element of interest into the room, and can make your home more beautiful in a flash.

You can choose from small or large florals, to elegant lilies. Noteworthy is selecting appropriate motif with spacious rooms, tiny motifs for small spaces and great for more space. Avoid choosing a full wall paper motif and dark colored small room because it will make it look more narrow.
Continue reading “Flower Spreading Around the Home”

Flowers can Beautify Your Home

Why wait until you receive a bouquet of flowers? Just buy a bouquet of flowers to put in a vase in your home. In addition to making homes more beautiful and lush, flower is also known to enhance the mood of the household.

A study of human behavior found that people who put flowers in the house possesses a more compassionate to others. Not only that, they are also known to rarely feel nervous, anxious, and depressed.

According to experts, the flower has a direct effect on happiness. The participants in this study expressed excitement and gratitude when receiving flowers. The positive reaction is universal and occurs in all age groups.

As reported by the Times of India , you can put flowers in the kitchen, dining room, balcony, or where you spend a lot of time at home. Planting flowers in the home can also provide a boost of energy, happiness and enthusiasm at work. Continue reading “Flowers can Beautify Your Home”

Kitchen Vulnerable So Nest Germs

The house certainly should be a comfortable place. No exception to the part that is rarely visited by family members, that kitchens. The usual place is filled with cooking and washing is also not to be separated from the clean feel. Since the disease is caused by bacteria can come from the corner of your house, especially the kitchen.

Frequently used home appliances, such as dishwasher tubs, can also spread the bacteria. You or other family members can actually attacked germs because of improper washing. For that, check out some of the errors cited Prevention, which often happens when doing the dishes.

Forget cleaning
The rest of the food droppings on the kitchen sink can make the bacteria can spread to the equipment that you have to eat clean. Therefore, always clean the sink after use to minimized spread of the bacteria in the kitchen. You can also use a mixture of vinegar and a little water and rub it around the sink to eliminate bacteria that nest. Perform cleaning at least once a month.
Continue reading “Kitchen Vulnerable So Nest Germs”

Women More at Risk for Disease

Many health conditions that affect women more than men. There are at least five health issues that should be known by women:


After menopause, women lose bone mass much faster than men. “Hormonal changes and lack of exercise [exercise] will accelerate the decline in bone mass,” said Dr Akhil Goswami. For that, you need to drink at least 4-5 glasses of milk per day and regular exercise.


According to psychologist Anirudh Kamat, constant changes in the levels of estrogen and progesterone a woman’s body will trigger a depression. In addition, women’s brains also produce serotonin (the love hormone) less than men.

Serotonin production decreases in women after menopause. Instead, women make time for yourself every day. Although it was only by closing his eyes and sat down on the couch. It will help women avoid depression. Continue reading “Women More at Risk for Disease”