5 Most Comfortable Clothes for Traveling

When traveling, some preparation is very important to do, including preparing an outfit that will be used. This is the fifth and most comfortable clothes you should bring before a walk.
nilah 5 clothing suitable for use when traveling, especially those of you who spend a lot of time on the road:

1. Jacket with lots of pockets

Cameras, sunglasses, car keys, cell phone, until the note is a common thing when the roads taken. However, problems arise when the traveler feel bothered when to bring a big bag to carry it all. For that, you can wear a jacket with lots of pockets. Select just a few items that are very important, then store in your jacket pocket.

2. Pashmina

If the perceived hassle to carry an umbrella, a traveler can wear a pashmina to protect the body from sun rays sting. Not only that, pashmina can also protect the body from getting little drizzle of rain.

3. Trousers practical

Traveling with shorts is very convenient, especially for those who spend more time on foot. However, shorts are not recommended if you are traveling to the kind of plantation. One-one could be your beautiful legs naughty mosquito bites.

Meksi so, a traveler can have fun traveling by using a special cargo pants. These are pants that can be shorts, and pants if connected. If you feel hot, disconnect your pants and you can wear them as shorts.

4. Clothes in the marsupial

For security reasons, now many a traveler dressed in a pocket, such as t-shirts and shorts in the pocket. The bag is usually used for storing valuables such as your passport or credit card. You can mencontohnya.

5. Thick jacket

Besides a jacket pocket, padded jackets can also bring when traveling. In addition to warm, thick jackets could also serve as a pillow to sleep.

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